Office Policy



Thank you for choosing Sayer Endodontics!

Endodontic services vary greatly due to the nature and complexity of the procedure. The fee for your endodontic treatment will be based on the extent of treatment. We will discuss the probable number of visits, their length, and the fees involved. Endodontic fees usually range from $500 to $1,500 and it is our policy that your care is paid for at the time of treatment.


Our policy is to clearly communicate with our patients what your estimated cost due for your appointment is. We explain this to each patient to eliminate any confusion and to maintain a healthy patient-doctor relationship. Please feel free to ask us any questions about your financial arrangements as our mission is to ensure that you receive the highest level of dental care in a professional manner. Fees for endodontic therapy will vary based upon the particular tooth in need of treatment and the problem that the tooth is having. The amount we estimate your treatment to be will be due in full at your appointment time.

For our patients with dental insurance benefits, Sayer Endodontics will prepare and submit dental insurance claims. We can submit your insurance claim with the exception of Medicaid and some Medicare policies. Because most dental insurance companies will not divulge patient's personal insurance arrangements, Sayer Endodontics can only estimate benefits to be paid.  For us to efficiently file your claim, please bring your insurance card
We are currently contracted with the following PPO programs:  Cigna DPPO, GEHA.
Our policy is to have our patients with dental insurance pay their estimated portion at the time treatment is initiated.  Occasionally insurance companies will not cover the entire remaining balance; when this occurs you will be required to pay the balance. Any remaining balances not covered by your insurance are due from the patient within 60 days of the start of treatment. If your insurance company ends up reimbursing at a higher rate, a refund will be issued with the payment used.
'Reasonable Usual and Customary Fee' is a term you may hear from your insurance company.  The insurance company decides what they feel is a reasonable, usual and customary fee from the service based on demographics.  This is usually considerably less than the dentist's fees.
Patients with or without insurance will be asked to pay in full at the time services are rendered.   WE DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and personal checks. We also accept Care Credit.  For more information or pre-approval of Care Credit, please contact 800-365-8295 or visit their website at   
Please note that we do expect 24 Hours Notice to cancel your scheduled appointment.

We are pleased to offer Care Credit to our patients.  Care Credit is a convenient, no initial payment, low monthly payment plan for dental treatments. Offering Care Credit allows us to help you restore your mouth to healthy form and function.